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Alex Andrews & Micah Andrews

Duration: 22 Minutes

When you get two boyfriends together in front of the camera you can almost guarantee it's gonna be an awesome shoot. Micah Andrews (Longhorns T) and his lover Alex Andrews are so hot together, they're just perfectly suited. And of course, they know how to treat each other to get their partner off in style too. After a little introduction where we get to find out some horny info, the boys start making out. Micah is on his lover real quick, stripping him down and getting that uncut cock out for some sucking. After getting Alex hard and throbbing, it's time to swap. Alex is real hungry sucking on his buddy too, and although that's a pretty thick cock he manages to suck it deep. But the oral doesn't end there, and we're treated to an awesome mutual standing 69 as Micah holds Alex up and they gobble each others dicks! We know from their intro chat that Micah Andrews likes to take some cock up his ass, and he really goes for it too when he impales his hot hole over Alex's uncut shaft, riding his buddy and taking that dick good and deep. But it's when Micah is on his back that the real hard fucking kicks in and Alex shows him who's the boss, slamming his hole hard and fast. Spooning on the bed as that duck slides in and out has Micah furiously jerking off, erupting his cum over his body and marking his lover pull out and wank himself off too, getting into position to dump his thick load over Micah's sexy smooth ass!

Couple: Alex Andrews, Micah Andrews

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